M4M010 - Labor Day Mix (featuring Dive Index, Shanghai Restoration Project, Vanessa Daou, Kalabi, and more...)


Music for Midnight #10 was ostensibly a mix for Labor Day, but really it was just a collect of really cool music. Looking back on these, I’m surprised how many of them are still prominent in my musical rotation today.

Originally Released on September 1, 2008

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1. 'The World is Kind' by Dive Index
2. 'Eastern Girl' by Waterbone
3. 'Pudong New District' by The Shanghai Restoration Project
4. 'Cross that Bridge' by Vanessa Daou
5. 'Dandelion (feat. Chances End' by Kalabi
6. 'Huevos Con Dios' by Trip Wamsley

Track 1 from the Podsafe Music Network
Tracks 2,3,4 from IODApromonet.
Tracks 5,6 from Magnatune.