M4M009 - Justin Bianco Feature


Music for Midnight #9 is another feature of a single artist, this time the very talented Justin Bianco. This tracks are some of the most innovative and eclectic to appear on the podcast.

This episode also starts with a shoutout to Susan Bratton of Personal Life Media who I met at the New Media Expo. My podcast would, for a time, become part of her Personal Life Media network. The network is currently focussed around intimacy and explicit relationship advice, but when I was involved it was a new media company with a focus on lifestyle.

Originally Released on August 21, 2008

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All of tonight's music is from Justin Bianco and Magnatune.com

Tracks & Albums

1. 'Never a Light' from Siren
2. 'Phoenix' from Phoenix
3. 'Thick Skin' from Finality
4. 'Siren' from Siren
5. 'Torque' from Nocturnum
6. 'Wings of Fire' from Finality
7. 'Summer Storm' from Nocturnum
8. 'Fog' from Forge
9. 'Axis' from Blackbird
10. 'Tether' from Blackbird.