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Austin Beeman…

is an eighteen-year veteran of the wine business with extensive experience in Marketing and Sales (wholesale, retail, & DTC.) Currently Vice President of Marketing for Cutting Edge Selections, Austin has a deep knowledge of the global wine business with expertise in Direct-to-Consumer sales. While Director of Marketing for Bonny Doon Vineyard, he managed one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the wine industry. His video podcast “Understanding Wine with Austin Beeman” has been praised in USA Today. Austin holds an MBA in Wine & Spirits Management from Kedge Business School in Bordeaux.

I, Austin Beeman, have been in the wine business my entire adult life, following a passion that started in 1999 during a year spent living in Southwest France.  I use my business acument to advocate for the creatives, the adventures, the terroir-seekers, and artisans in the wine world.  

I've been involved in almost every part of the wine business except the wine-making. 

These adventures have included...


"Austin Beeman is a wine expert who blogs about wine, travel, and photography."

- USA Today (Nov 9, 2011)

  • Vice President of Marketing for Cutting Edge Selections, one of largest and most important independent fine wine importer/distributors in the Midwest. (My current role)

  • Director of Marketing for Bonny Doon Vineyard : Where I dramatically enhanced the Direct-to-Consumer Sales program.

  • Leadership of Randall Grahm's crowdfunding campaign "Popelouchum Vineyard: 10,000 Grapes for a New Wine" with success, raising over $175,000 to plant a biodynamic vineyard.

  • Received an MBA in Wine & Spirits Management from Kedge Business School. This was a joint program that took me to Bordeaux, Sonoma County, Australia, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, to educate me in the operation of the global wine business.

  • Been a featured speaker at two Wine Bloggers' Conferences; Lodi in 2016 and Santa Rosa in 2017. I've presented the state of the wine business and how working with bloggers can help drive direct-to-consumer sales.

  • Independent Wine Merchant. I ran the retail wine program for Walt Churchill's Market for nine years. We grew sales 10x in that time while advancing the cause of boutique and hand-crafted wine.

  • Bespoke Wine Tour Operator. I create custom/bespoke wine tours to France, Italy, and California with a focus on deep and intimate experiences with wineries that are off the tourist path.

  • Online Video Show Producer for Understanding Wine with Austin Beeman. Over 500,000 downloads in over 50 countries. Routinely top ten wine video podcast in the iTunes Podcast Directory.