"Austin Beeman is a wine expert who blogs about wine, travel, and photography."     

- USA Today  (Nov 9, 2011) 



As of July 2016, I am working as the Director of Strategy for Cutting Edge Selections.  This website is entirely independent and not to be in any way confused with that company.

In 1998, while backpacking in Europe with my  best friend I tasted an Alsatian wine - Hugel 1994 Gentil - and I realized wine could be good.  Really good.

In 1999-2000, I lived in Southern France (Pau).  I was supposed to be studying, but really I was learning about wine and food. Foie Gras, Duck Breast, and Cheese!  Dark Tannic Wines: Madiran, Cahors, and Bordeaux.

When I returned to the USA, I needed a job.  Great wine and food can cost!  So I entered the trenches of the retail wine business. 

By 2004, I was managing a high-end retail wine department a a gourmet grocery store in Ohio - Walt Churchill's Market.  I also was leading multiple wine tours to Europe.

In 2015, I moved to Santa Cruz, California to work as the Director of Marketing for Bonny Doon Vineyard and wine business icon, Randall Grahm.  This is my current employment.

Online, I produce Understanding Wine with Austin Beeman - an HD Video Podcast that reaches over 250,000 people in 50+ countries and is a Top 10 ranking for 'wine' on iTunes.

As a young wine professional, I write for both the wine industry and the wine drinking public.

I educate.  I recommend.  I advise.  I promote.  I debate.

The wine world is changing.  Everywhere is starting to make good wine.  Consumers are demanding more authenticity and diversity.  The economy struggles, putting huge economic pressures on most wineries.  Large wine distributors grab more and more of the shelves with endless 'line extensions.'

And the internet is causing the biggest transformation of human society since Gutenberg and the printing press.


Sounds like fun.