M4M011 - Triple Feature - Lisa DeBenedictis, The Shanghai Restoration Project, and Vanessa Daou


Music for Midnight #11 was the result of being overwhelmed by the amount of great music that I was discovering. As the podcast heated up, I found myself being drawn to some of the same artists over and over.

This episode was my way of releasing some of that backlog. Instead of playing one song from these artists in episode after episode, they each received the spotlight in a mini-feature of three songs.

Originally Released on September 22, 2008

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From Lisa DeBenedictis
1.Below (DU-Remix by Deutscheunschuld)
2. Love Bird (by callmeyang)
3.Unaffected (Below Sleepless Mix by OakHonor)

From The Shanghai Restoration Project

4. Jade Buddha Temple
6. Miss Shanghai Revealed

From Vanessa Daou

7. Near the Black Forest
8. Love Child
9. Make Believe