M4M007 - Featuring Brazuka Fina, Daou, Natalie Walker, Kaveh Yahmaei, and more...

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Music for Midnight #7 was quite the international collection of music featuring songs from Brazil, Iran, Ireland, Shanghai, and beyond.  Slightly more upbeat than the average episode, this 30 minute collection really flows well.

Originally Released on August 1, 2008

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1. 'Samba Ti,' Samba Eu by Brazuka Fina
2. 'Mess Around' by Vanessa Daou
3. 'Jadeh' by Kaveh Yaghmaei
4. 'Pink Neon' by Natalie Walker
5. 'Lu Xun Revisted [Watch me dance]' by The Shanghai Restoration Project.
6. 'Downtown' by City Nights
7. 'Libertango' by Sharon Shannon & Kirsty MacColl.

All the Tracks are from IODA PROMONET.