M4M013 - Lovespirals Remixed -- remixes by Bitstream Dream, Karmacoda, Sunburn in Cyprus, Hungry Lucy, & others


Music for Midnight #13 was another watershed moment for the Podcast. It was an extra long episode and it had an amazing guest host: Anji Bee of Lovespirals and The Chillcast with Anji Bee. - a podcast that was incredibly inspirational to the creation of Music for Midnight.

Beyond the incredible music, it remains an interesting exploration of the collaboration taking place during the late-2000s in the independent electronica scene.

Originally Released on October 14, 2008

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All music by Lovespirals.

1. 'Walk Away (Bitstream Dream Remix)'
2. 'Walk Away (Suit & Tie Guy Remix)'
3. 'Walk Away (Sunburn in Cyprus Remix)'
4. 'Motherless Child (Original)'
5. 'Motherless Child (Hungry Lucy Remix)'
6. 'Motherless Child (Chris Caulder Remix)'
7. 'This Truth (Original)'
8. 'This Truth (Grooveblaster Remix)'
9. 'This Truth (Kambronn Remix)'
10. 'Motherless Child (Karmacoda Remix)'

Thank you Anji!