M4M005 - Music for a Midnight Drive. Featuring Anji Bee, Moosefrog, The West Exit, Bitter Sweet, and more...

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Take a midnight drive with me and enjoy one of the very best episodes of the entire run.

Originally Released on July 15, 2008.  There are very few episodes of Music for Midnight that worked as well as this.  The artists are some of the very best independent chill out bands of the late-2000s.  The songs are superb and memorable.  And the theme is works effectively.  I wish every episode had turned out this well.

Originally Released on July 15, 2008

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1. Artificial by The West Exit
2. A Better Plan by SharashkA
3. Hollywood Ending by Edie Carey
4. En la Oscuridad (feat Anji Bee) by Moosefrog
5. Jalouse by L
6. Something More by Erin Bode
7. Waking Up by Bitter:Sweet
8. Trite by Di Johnston

Tracks 5,6,7,8 are from the IODAPromonet
Tracks 2,3,4 are from the Podsafe Music Network
Track 1 is from Magnatune