35 Moments in Panama City. An Olympus Trip 35 Video

Talk about hybrid workflow.  In the 21st century, images captured on 35mm film and be scanned into the computer and turned into a music presentation that both resembles and transformed the dreaded vacation slideshow.

This video contains 35 images of Panama City, Panama taken in April 2013.  We visit the 'old town' area of Casco Viejo, which is undergoing rapid restoration while still retaining a rough vibe.  I also engage in some Street Photography (or Social Documentary Photography) taking candid moments of the people in Panama City.

The camera was the Olympus Trip 35.  This was the most successful camera ever made with 10,000,000 units created with essential no change to its design.  Selenium-cell metering that requires no batteries.  A hard metal camera that just does the job well.

The black and white film was 35mm Polypan F 50 - a european 'cinecopy' flm with no anti-halation layer.  It creates beautiful blooming highlights.

The color film in Kodak Portra 400 - one of the most modern sophisticated 35mm films with a gentle color palate.