Advice for New Pinot Noir Drinkers. Mac McDonald of Vision Cellars Interview: Part Six

This the sixth part of my video interview with Mac McDonald of Vision Cellars.  In this segment, Mac McDonald speaks about what he would tell brand new drinkers of Pinot Noir. Hint: It is kind of like buying fish.

Please enjoy this quick two minute video or read the transcript underneath it. 

This is Episode #60 of Understanding Wine with Austin Beeman.

Mac McDonald:

Well, I would say try blindly. I don't necessarily say just look at price points on anything. I think you get together with some friends or if you have a wine tasting opportunity to come in and taste some.

Because you may say, well, you know what? I don't like Vision Cellars Pinot Noir. That doesn't mean you don't like Pinot Noir. You just don't like Vision Cellars Pinot Noir.

It's like prime rib. You like prime rib but you say, I'll make you a prime rib and you say, well, I don't like that. Well, you don't like the way I prepare it, but that doesn't mean you don't really like it some place else.

I think wine can be the same way. You need to be able to taste a variety of wines and not be so concerned about the price points of them, just the enjoyment. Then you find out the flavors you like. You find out the wine makers that you like because we have a tendency to do a little different things with our wine just like you do if you go out to a restaurant.

You may go to one restaurant and one store, you buy fish. Say you go to a market, you buy fish. Well, you may not like buying fish from that market but you like buying it from the other one. It's the same thing I think in wine as a comparison.

Screenshot 2018-10-11 21.09.20.png

So I would say definitely try a variety of tasting. When there's an opportunity to taste Pinot Noirs, go out and taste them from different producers. And then that way you find your own style that you like.

But never stop experimenting. Never, ever stop experimenting.

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