Do you have some really crazy idea about how we can work together? 

Many of the most exciting things in my life are the crazy ideas, so please reach out and let's talk about it. 

Would you like me to visit your winery, wine region, or travel destination for videos, photography, or articles?

I'd love to go.  Please contact me via the form on this page and we can talk. 

Would you like to send me sample bottles to review on the blog? 

Please read the blog and watch some videos to make sure that we aren't wasting each others time.   Then contact me via the form so I can send you an address.  Please keep in mind that samples are no guarantee of a review, I will put out disclaimers, and I will be completely honest with you and my audience.

Do you have a wine movie or book coming out? 

I really want to expand my reviews of wine books and movies, so please contact me for an address.

Do you want to buy an ad or sponsorship on my blog or my podcasts? 

I'm interested, but only in sponsorships or CPM ads.  No CPA or affiliate ads or link buying. 

Are you trying to contact me regarding my position as Vice President of Marketing for Cutting Edge Selections?

This is wrong way to do it.  This blog and the Understanding Wine with Austin Beeman podcast is completely independent of Cutting Edge Selections.  My email address with Cutting Edge Selections is austin (at) cuttingedgeselections (dot) com.



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