Billecart-Salmon 2000 Brut Champagne 'Cuvee Nicholas Francois'

There are very few wines as glorious as mature vintage Champagne.  The vivacity of the bubbles starts to give way to a round sophistication.  The flavors take on density and muscular structure.  The finish seems to glide away on waves of lingering flavor.  Allow me to introduce you to some beautiful vintage Champagne.

Billecart-Salmon 2000 Brut Champagne 'Cuvee Nicholas Francois.'

$125 Retail

Rated 98/100 Points.  A+

A glorious regal Champagne!

The color reflects shimmering shades of gold.  The nose is baking bread with a glistening oil component and white peach preserves.  Tastes of fresh baguettes in Paris, apricot skins, and gobs of crystalline acidity.  Finish swoops and shimmies for a very long time.  This is world class.

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F.T.C. Disclosure:  I work for Cutting Edge Selections, a distributor that represents Billecart-Salmon in Ohio and Kentucky. 

This review - like all reviews on this site - is entirely my own honest opinion and does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Cutting Edge Selections.