Forman 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged Wine Review

Wine-fanticide.  It is the dirty secret of the Napa Valley.  Far too many premium wines are opened long before they are ready.  One study found that 90%+ of wines that cost $100 or more were consumed within five hours of purchase!  There is no way these are tasting as their winemakers intended.  The great Forman Napa Valley Cabernet is not exempt from this scourge.  So, when a bottle of 2002 was found in the back of the Cutting Edge Selections Warehouse, I had to try it.

Forman 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon 'Napa Valley.'  ~$75 retail

Rated 92/100 Points.  A

Rich, warm, & smooth. The mahogany of an old British Private Club.

The dark center is gradually starting to turn a rich red. Red candied licorice with dusty pipe tobacco and old leather aromas. Seductive silky texture and warm flavors with laid-back intensity. Warm lingering finish. A masculine and comfortable wine.

*tasted from 375ml

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F.T.C. Disclosure:  I work for Cutting Edge Selections and distribute this wine in Ohio and Kentucky.  This wine was tasted during normal working hours.   This is not an advertisement for CE or Forman and we do not have this vintage available to sell.