Kodak Ektachrome 100VS

Chairs in the Sky. Santa Cruz, California. 2015

  • Location: Santa Cruz, California

  • Time: October 2015

  • Camera: Canon EOS 3 with Canon 20-35mm f2.8 L

  • Film: Kodak 100VS [Expired 2002] *Cross-processed as C41


A Land for Dolcetto. Pecchenino Farm, Piedmonte, Italy. 2015

The area of Dogliani is especially suited to the cultivation of the Dolcetto grape, whose presence here is documented in a manuscript from 1432, discovered in the municipal archives.
— www.pecchenino.com
  • Location: Piedmont, Italy

  • Time: September 2015

  • Camera: Fuji GF670

  • Film: Kodak 100VS [expired 2013]

  • Process and Scan: www.thedarkroom.com